A provisional summary of my last 2 years: The Mammooth in the room

It’s ridiculous! A striking thought came to mind.

Everytime I get asked: "What are the things that you spend your time on? What do you enjoy doing on a Saturday afternoon? What would you do anyway? What are your interests" I list all different activities like: playing chess, learning languages, reading about art, …

How often did I play chess, read a blog about art by choice, and learn a language by choice? Not much compared to the Mammooth activity

The Mammooth in the room is that I keep MOST of my time:

1 – READING BOOKS, I especially enjoy the books that explain the past and give insight about what might happen in the future, books that are persuading about a vision of life, not much the How-to books, more like "finding a meaning" books. Listening to podcast fall in that category.

2 – Self-Writing philosophical ideas, thoughts, distilling concept in my mind, finding meaning in life, understanding human behaviour.

3 – Then comes the category of smaller "depaysing" activities I do: Programming, Guitar playing, Illustrator/Photoshop/Video/Audio producing.

And that’s it. None of that other crap. Although I had a ton of "Self-improvement" business ideas, I just ignored them and tried 3d modeling and some other stuff like that. But to be honest. I knew In Sep 5 2015 that ideally I should pursue an idea that I know people would enjoy using and be the first user.

I just didn’t apply it. I don’t know why and how it happened. The good news is that with my tracking, I can know exactly what happened to me, my behaviour at that time.

Look I’ve progressed in a lot of things. I read for pleasure these days, I’m definitely calmer and relaxed than 2 years ago. I’m more present and can handle high-speed-emotional situations better. My understanding of life, my purpose, the meaning of humans as a specie, the problems that many beginners like me encounter (Too many options…that’s why they worship gurus that give them directives, and love being told what to do exactly even if it’s not for them). I learned that an idea can be good, but necessarily good for me. I have a better understanding of how the internet (the computer and wires) work. The place of money in all of this. How to have habits. The value of self-writing. The value of surrounding yourself with 5 average people of your choice. (How to choose your 5 average people even if you are in a remote place on the planet, we don;t all live in silicon valley). The great advantage with producing little tiny things but making it as a daily habit.

All little things that add up to a better self. Today.

It came to a loop. I watched a Ramit video I had on my hard drive and was wondering why in the hell I was listening to these RankXL and Backlinko and NichePursuits guys. Yes because of I’m faced with too many options. And end up choosing many. Success comes not thanks to the numerous things we do, but despite the numerous things we do. It should be ONE thing at a time.


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