What’s my goal behind the 10k goal?

I started the day with the intention of recording my new story audio version.

From the top of my head a story should be concrete and simple. No abstractions of the "recent" human language. No maths, no stats, no jargon. Just simple words.

"Aha" moments are always preceded by "huh?" moments. That’s my initial take away from Derek Sivers summary of the book "made to stick".

It’s an interesting field. I’m learning a lot. It’s like learning how to model in 3d. I’m so far close to the technique that consists of reading ideas and tactics and philosophies behind storytelling, and trying to directly apply it on my impressionism/reality story. For example, I recently found out that the part of the impressionist organizing their first independent art exhibition is useless to me.

What I most remember from the impressionists is how they perceive reality. That photography influenced them and that they were the origin of modern art.

Then I played with my guitar on ableton, learned how to put Impulse rack with percussion and make beats. I learned how to synchronize the rhythm and play along and record with my guitar. It was fun. Interesting, But out of my ONE thing focus. (At least now I can monitor my activities that way).

Minimizing Minimizing, minimizing. 99% of what I do to keep the essence of my energy for my art project.

An insightful wisdom I heard from Sivers, is that instead of setting a goal of making x amount of money. Having a goal in mind of helping an x amount of people may be more useful, as money will come by as a result anyways, and the focus should be on doing good out there.

But I;m not sure if I say I want to help 35 young guys develop their artistic sense and business senses in order to live an enjoyable in which they will help others in turn, I will still feel the excitement and motivation of achieving my goal.

I have to believe in my goal. I believe in being rich and having money, because that way I know I will help others with my money. Like people around that don’t necessary aspire to become artists and entrepreneurs.

Quite interesting question though: If I just pour money on people that don;t really want to become entrepreneur, they will still end unhappy because they still haven’t built any purpose in their life besides consumerism. Whilst those that already aspire to become entrepreneurs and artists in this world, will really see the benefits of my effort right away before I even start making money.

Meaning that the end purpose of earning 10k a months is unnecessary for me if my objective is to support others and make them live happily. Because if I want to support others and make them live happily I can influence them in better ways than just pouring money on them.

it;s a tricky question because has its benefits in achieving people around me feeling happy, but it has it’s limit.

To which degree 10k will be helpful in achieving that goal? I don’t know?


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