What I’m supposed to be doing

Today was great. Yes it was. A lot happened.

After I read the amazing question of "What should I do that would make everything else easier or unnecessary?" I concluded that I should pursue the video art project that I’d enjoy doing and seeing.

I want for every person that thought of living the life of an artist but because the reality of others around him or her do not let them work toward that plan. I want to encourage them to make their own reality, live it and live their own defined life and art. I want to be helping them with skills that I’ve already started learning 2 years ago.

Skills related to business, marketing, storytelling, getting your word out there, being remarkable, finding your true art.

That’s my vision for my art project. I have to respect it enough to give it’s own tracking system on a spreadsheet.

First waking up, I recorded and smelly italian accent version of that impressionism story, reality, horse, painting, first art exhibition. It’s actually the opposite of what I do now. Actually it’s not. Just 2 different things. Here I write my mind to see what’s inside, and what I did this morning was speaking my mind to get a true, not edited version of inside.

Then I watched Yuval Harari for a good amount, fantastic idea and how irrelevant our history is and how possible the future is. But the true life happens in the present. We as humans are very good at acquiring more power. I myself believe that I want the money, the independence and thus the power on my own life. And that thinking that with more power I will be happy much more frequently.

To a certain degree, yes: more power leads to more frequent sense of happiness. But there is a quick limit that will be reached. So I should think about happiness in much more inclusive way. When fixing my goal I’d rather think "what is the ONE thing that I should do today to experience happiness"

Yes. Going forward with my project makes me feel with a purpose and thus happy. If I go back and read how I defined being in a state of happiness… it includes feeling free, striving, achieving my set goals, being calm, relaxed and resilient. Just simple feelings. I do not need to do more.

It somewhat merges with I read yesterday from Gary Keller’s one thing, that as soon as he was in a laid back mode and did just one thing…let me read it… he became intentionally laid back and challenged, too far in his terms, the axioms of success. And the result was: More success…of course.

Being happy, he said, is being able to honestly say that "This is where I’m meant to be right now this exactly where I’m supposed to be doing"

What am I supposed to be doing these days? Ideally? On a road trip on blue Cadillac from New York to San Francisco. But then I’d do that for like 3 weeks… So what else.. partying and pulling girls as I’m sure I still can do. But then I can’t be doing just that. Every night of my life. So few weekends here, few days there. That perfect. Maybe I’d take full months breaks in between. What else then? Travelling. Jungle. The wild. Meeting and talking with people. But I’m sure I’ll be meeting people that have to take care of their own daily life. If I wish to be surrounded by achievers friend, I’m sure they want to achieve so much that they wouldn’t be able to spend more than a day or two with me "enjoying life". They set targets to themselves that they want to achieve.

So I should be doing exactly that. Hitting high targets that I have set to achieve. That’s what "I’m supposed to be doing"


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