40 videos by primavera. Is that too much to ask? No. Don’t play by the rules

Alright. I try to progress in my audio recording, but I find it hard for different reasons.

First, I become self conscious when I start talking "normally". I do better when I take an italian accent or make funny impressions. I feel liberated.

Second, I feel I’m constantly disturbed by passers by. People talking on the same floor as I am. Which makes me self-conscious and either reduces the volume of my voice, or get distracted.

One good thing though is that I believe in keeping my accent, my words and my way of speaking, I want to remain authentic in that aspect.

The last thing that kind of disturbs me is the cold. I thought I will be comfortable here. But I found myself covering my feet with blankets and sweating because of the cold.

I took a power rest, after and before watching a lot of things. Podcasts and stuff like that. I’m on this quest on developing storytelling. It’s like learning a new skill Tim Ferriss style. So DiSSS can be applied here.

Other than that the only reading session of "the ONE thing" was very impactful. "What can I do now that by doing it will make other things easier or unnecessary". I’m pretty focused on recording an audio about impressionism.

I know that if I have a conversation audio talk telling a STORY. (I need to visualize better the end result that I want, just steal it from somewhere else like FightMediocrity).

The animation will be easier to build upon it. The few viewers might give me a spark of encouragement on continuing on the next video. I want to have 40 videos by primavera. Is that too much to ask?

I need to believe in circumventing the "due" process. I should be smarter on making videos fast. And the key to video fast is quick audio recording. I can move on from Impressionism to Post-Impressionism. So my brain gets away from that hesitation zone.

Overall, I’m not really comfortable sitting here yet. We’ll see tomorrow. It’s an experiment.


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