On a good start to make next days better than the previous

Ok we’re here. Downstairs. Alone. Quiet. Some cold. But it’s alriiiight…

"Think of life as 2 weeks experiments" Tim Ferriss said. So I’m here testing this. See what it yields.

The audio records seems like with good future. The fact that video wouldn’t work as smoothly made think of it as I constraint. A sign from the Gods that it may be beneficial to myself.

Like this full time artist blogging at Creative Live, the artwork becomes like a kid. You can’t always impose your own rules on it. Sometime you need to letting it grow on his own terms.

I should dig in that introvert INTJ classification shit. I know that in some capacity I’m an introvert, but I also get energy from others and can become a great social animal when required to do it live. I’m not tired of people around. Actually from the people around seem to be living on the same vibe and rythm as I am, I’m good. If I figure that they are pacing differently, generally slower than I am, then I’m put off and can’t wait to leave.

I spent almost half the day just cleaning this room. It was good sport. The only moment when I went to up that fucked up social gathering that my family consititutes, I got my full dose of pissed off.

But I should remember that I am not my feeling. And as much as my brain lures me into believing that what I have as emotions right now will remain in me forever, I must remember that it will float away. A soon as you open yourself to the pain, it disappears.

I wanted to do some reading. Unfortunately I did much more watching. Some of it was useful. Most of it is not directly getting me closer to the mountain.

To sleep, tomorrow will be a better day.


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