On fear setting, laughs, social and storytelling

A very out of the record Sunday. Very chill, family and social gathering. Laugh and jokes. Fun and reflections.

I still wanted to read and Robert Greene and learn more. I actually listened to 2 podcast from Tim Ferriss. But to be honest nothing really stuck to my mind. It’s I need to be walking outside and act on it to remember the lessons I found interesting.

One that now comes to mind is that Fear setting exercise. Which by coincidence got my father telling me about its result independently few hours later I heard Tim talking about it. When you know what can be the worst outcome of an action then you discover that nothing is irreversible and the bad outcome is not as bad as you thought.

There are a number of book, about physic, Einstein and some physicists Eric Weinstein was talking about that made want to read them.

I feel more confident about reading multiple books these days. I read what I want to read and disregard the chapters that are not following the "in-time" principle.

On a side note. I feel that with a story I can solve anything. That with the power of narrating a captivating story to someone I can influence their actions, and make them do something I want. As macchiavelic as it seems.

Apart from that I must admit that I’m spending a lot of time on gaming. I don’t if it’s good or bad for me. I’m not sure if I enjoy it and learn from it or I’m just numbing my brain from not thinking. A good test might be:"Will it matter in 5/10 years?"

Well the music might remain a good inspiration, the story can be a good inspiration too. Like the impact GTA\s had on me and my cultural upbringing. So I don’t know

Tomorrow let’s focus on reading, getting insightful about the topics I want to talk about and make audios about it.


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