Today was a good day

I felt liberated when I recorded my voice talking about impressionism. How I learned about it. How I discovered it. The horse photography that led me to it. It was a pleasing conversation, like I’d say a mixergy podcast.

It was like a trial for a podcast interview about art, impressionism and reality.

I also liked how I linked and am able to link every story of the art movement to a universal topic that every human that wants makes his life full of accomplishment would want to understand.

Like the titles of france culture. "Kant et le Genie", "La beaute et Nietsche". If a story is told (and only stories can be told, not fact) about every art movement and how I came about discovering it.

Expressionism was the German liberation and sexual freedom. Fauvism is the sparks of colors and an extra step in the meaning "vivid colors". Surrealism is the painting the of ones dreams, something I always wanted to make with 3d modelling. Pop Art is mockery of the consumerist culture that got swallowed into the consumerism itself. Post-Impressionism is the unique drag, the natural divergence of the impressionist movement through unique thoughts. Dada as another example of why negativism and pessimism is not useful to any cause.

So I achieved today’s goal. I’m on a good strike. Dripping everyday. I should definitely move downstairs, this is getting noisy.

I’m also reading and listening a lot these. I’m trying to learn the skill of telling stories. It’s my objective these days. Stories are what humans communicate with. They may developed numbers and other ways of passing data to others. But stories a re like music to our ear. Don’t love the rap song about "today’s was a good day", "la vallee de Dana", "the kid that went wrong rap song"?

I’m out. *drops the mic*


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