A day full of reading and listening that shifted my vision of things

Oh boy what a day. i knew something smelled wrong as soon as I started re-writing that audio-script doc.

It felt out of place when I read it. Out of place from the new vision and concept of producing a video on art. I wanted it to be personal, conversational, zero on the bullshit detector. But as I started replacing the wording and putting fancier phrases, I didn;t feel motivated anymore to read the "script" even if I had a good mic, and the tools to edit the audio. I knew that it should be on one take.

I knew that technology should be the least of my focus. What mattered is that appeared real to the youtube viewer. A one take audio on something meaningful to me. Something I would want to word and talk about anyway, for me to listen, like the video made by ira glass.

So I read and listened. Robert Greene, Sean D’Souza, FightMediocrity guy, Gary Keller, Casey Neistat, Paul Arden. About knowing oneself, story telling, youtube, target audience..

I did a lot of self-writing today, I found out that I should talk about what matters to me. What excites me. Finding that my skills to business and marketing can be applied to artists (like me).

And if I succeed in coming up with simple solution to marketing and business problem to a target of artist audience, they will read and watch my stuff. If I don’t come up with the right strategies, therefore I won’t be able to reach a sustainable minimal audience. So the Mathematical equation is self-clearing. And I should come up with a new equation, naming: a new solution.

In an a spirit to try to explain the concept above better. When I come up with a solution to a probem, a target audience have. If the solution to the problem for that target audience (a single hunt for a specific one rabbit) is accurate both on the problem, solution and target trifecta, then that means that I’m an expert on this and therefore I should be listened to. If something is off, so no audience for the stuff i’m doing is a well deserved outcome.

These 2 above paragraphs are just there for me to reassure myself that the "being an expert" or someone "people should listen to" or "have the experience" doesn’t have to worked on separately than my content I put out there. It’s integrated. It’s an included feature. So I don’t need to think about it separately.

Bottom line is: Forget your legitimacy to talk about the marketing and business subjects you intend to talk about. It is taken care of.

That that. I just have been doing this, there a lot interesting notes and self-writing. I also made my goal bigger to $10,000/month which I, weirdly enough, fell instantly better about working for it


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