Did not have my best day, certainly due to the piggy food from last night

What went wrong today. I don’t what I have exactly accomplished today, but I feel that it didn’t fulfill my planned aspirations for today

I don;t know if it’s the oyster. The fact that I couldn’t finish my audio script for my video in the early morning. Or maybe, (now that I remember), because I didn’t sleep enough, I remember that I woke sleepy that morning.

But I fear that I become nonchalant and wanting to sleep more in the morning.

Or maybe the Piggy dinner I had last night, the nightmares that followed during the whole night-sleep, and the poor-quality rest I had as a result of it.

Nevertheless, I managed to edit the text of my audio. I understood that the audio comes first, before the animation. Listen to 2 podcasts, learned something, I guess, from it (like that ideas like Amazon selling can be good, but they are not good for me, at this stage of my development. Constraints are good, and Diamond Jones give some thought about that, and that I should focus on finding what I’m best at and bet my money on it)

Also I want to modify my answers of Seth Godin’s 10 questions. "What people say when they talk about me?" I guess explaining stuff complex stuff to them in a simpler, down to earth manner.

So now I know that the next day of a Piggy dinner will not be the best.

Tomorrow I want to just to record my voice.

And that’s it call it a day. Enjoy the fact you have still energy to learn how to use Python functions on Excel.


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