Did the strict minimum of learning today and enjoyed the rest

it was a wholesome day.

Definitely self-writing is a powerful tool for me to keep the mindset, direct my energy and focus toward structured plans.

The most important was to keep the d=structure. I didn’t work on my tracking system, but I know what is missing and what is not.

I know that I need the sequence of my actions during the day. For how long I did something is the work of ManicTime. What I also need is some bursts of self-writing, thought research and questioning of what I do through the writing.

That;s pretty much it. It was a festive day. A lot of reminding my myself how wit and sharp I can be within a social gathering, like my mom’s birthday, My isolation from others hasn’t affected my "socializing" reflexes.

To sleep. Tomorrow, I want to record, as a test, some audio and see how I can synchronize my voice with the video.


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