achieved goals and pushed further with the day to enhance my structure

Have I achieved my day goals? yes.

I’m quiet satisfied. Woke up early, did what I had to do. I have my videos as .mov, I need to learn how to edit on Premiere to go further, I’m intending to upload the video on Youtube on the next 4 days. The audio and editing wouldn’t need to take more than that.

Regarding my tracking system, the excel tracker should be about recording the sequence of activities, that Manic cannot record. When it comes to precise computer, and even sometimes, away time ManicTime does the job pretty well. What I need, in addition to that, with the objective of being able to replicate a sequence of activities to reach my well being, sense of productivity and achieving my objective. I would need to have those activities listed in order of "been done".

I decide that after a well productive day, I’d play some gaming, I’m still unsure how gaming affects my brain and activities, some of them seem to be enhanced because these are challenges that need reflection, some thinking, planning, keeping a present mind, and chill during presure. The other effect are evident, tiredness. Like if I have done some straining brain games, or math problems.

I’ll go to sleep now.

Tomorrow, I want to develop my tracking of sequences idea and see how I can build a tool for recording my set of activities in sequence. Other than that, I would need to know how to cut videos, slow down and speed up the frame rate. Then I would need to record the audio (maybe before I start editing, while I adjust the frame rate speed of the video)

I actually produced in pomodoro technique, going for 10 kettlebell swings on every 5 min break. I felt compelled to do the swing I did 3 sets and felt ham and fesse muscle pain, in a good way.


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