Not efficient but effective, and re-questioning of how I’m thinking of my past month

Did actually arrange the videos.The first one is uploaded and done on videoscribe.

It’s on Premiere and need to be edited. I believe that it’s needs the audio to be finalizedly edited.

My mindfulness habits are really becoming very minimalist. It all revolves about being grateful in the morning and journaling during the night. Very rare breathing and existent meditation. I feel like I missed listening to my heart beating.

I actually have done my dripping for today. So today was a good day. The effort wasn’t focused and not the best example of precise, effective work. But got the day "spent" somehow, which is some kind of a waste of my days and my time and my life.

Yeah I’m feeling this. Like I’m giving away a month from my life doing random shit, badly eating and not exercising much.

So how can I make tomorrow a great day? Working on the video, doing something else? I’ve got to learn Premiere editing, which is going to be very brief, and I want to amend, again, the tracking system. It’s should be smoother, more intuitive and less painful. The 5 min division through the day is a pain, I believe. I don’t know how to deal with it.

I can circumvent the time division question and add a daily checklist that I can tick. Data input will be higher and taking less time, but also it will be less precise, in terms of when it happened. Actually I can make it record when I checked it..but I would rarely check it on the exact time as it’s happening. Checklist is not about when it happened, just if it has happened at all.

So maybe further dripping or programming, or just chilling (once again), or more possibly a mix of all the above and a feeling of doing everything and nothing.

Keepin’ it light and smily.


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