Great full producing day

Honestly I’m proud of myself today. I completed the 4 remaining scenes by 5.30 pm.

I actually woke up by 5.45 am and successfully succeeded in standing up. I followed that rule that imposed on myself, if I’m awake in the morning it’s time to get up. No time spent in covered under the sheets or watching things on my laptop when I wake up. Straight to production as soon as my eyes are open.

I wasn’t convinced that I would be done with the scenes by today. It’s good to fix goals. You can progress in anything if you haven’t set a goal priory. I need to have a daily checklist instead of tracking them on the Excel. Like"

Did you do your ab exercise?
Have meditated?
How you been grateful?
Have you reviewed your "what will make my today great" by the end of the day.
Have you eaten sugar?
Have done Pull ups?
Have you been nice?
Have you laughed?
Have you set a goal for tomorrow?
Do you have a goal set for next Friday (or whatever the day)?

Also today, I did not hesitate and went to the forest as soon as I felt that the weather was surprisingly nice. Listened to a bunch of podcast. It got me into the mindset. The mixergy and Tim Ferriss is crucial to my wellbeing and getting back on the right track. By know what these people do I get the spirit back with the motivation.

Ok, tomorrow. I want to review my whole videoscribe, make sure I have a "pre-audio" script ready to know how long, although that’s not crucial, I should be able to hold the animation on Adobe Premiere, which I setup earlier this evening.

Just the animation looking right with a standard time space between them, I will modify all the timing anyway when I do the audio.

Good! let’s go to sleep! (with the highest excitement. It surely will make sleeping harder)


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