Self-aware in conversation: in progress

Enjoyed the day indeed.

The travel was great. On the way back an idea-settling conversation arose with my father. It was a good 3 hours settling my inner learnings and so-far wisdom out of the confines of my mind.

There was a lot of talk. I didn’t feel confront as much as being questioned on the validity of my ideas. But I have to admit I felt that at the end I didn’t learn as much from my interlocutor (father) as he learned from me.

He listened to different type of advice to him.

It was classic Achraf conversation. Containing myself first, trying to listen, making an effort to hear what the other person is saying, encouraging on the things I like and keeping myself quiet when not agreeing for a good 30-45 min I’d say then I wen

{side idea}
Look, everyone can know now the how-to of anything. How did that programmer write this software, line by line, minute by minute, in a tracking system, with the side notes, the thoughts, ideas, wanking time and walking around time. It certainly is replicable but no one would do it. Because it’s another x factor.
{\side idea}

I went bursting my ideas, thought, criticism, reflection, lost my self-awareness much more, sporadically remembered to breathe, but I must say that I was on autopilot. I certainly influenced and got my points across. Did I learn as much from my father, I don’t think so. And that’s not good for me. He got that he should buy chocolate for his prospects and clients, and give them personalized towels. What do I have from my to-do list? nothing really. "continuing on learning more and giving more ideas and influence more" doesn’t really count, or does it?

I was helpful somehow and encouraging, but I could have piloted the whole better.

The key, you see, is to make the other person that your ideas are his. There is some Ben Franklin or Influence book strategies on that, but I’m out of those "people skills" as Derek Sivers call them, for now.

Aside from that, I chilled the rest of the afternoon. Coded and started to think about reviewing my bookmarks, by date, as it seems that they carry a lot of information about me, about my past project, my past mindset. An idea from Tim Ferriss review of his last year as said in latest Random Show. Also my isnotagame site can carry gems too.


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