The tracking and pomodoro makes my day better

Today’s better.

Few nails knocked. Producing is gaining back it’s older levels. The "rest" I have been through the last 3 weeks, wasn’t much of a rest. I enjoyed it. Made sure I’m grateful and enjoy the present moment. But the truth is that I’m better fighting to accomplish my daily goals, and stepping further towards the mountain.

I’m drawing on videoscribe faster. The tracking system kind of structured my day better. I feel in control of my time know what has happened during the previous hours.

Also, what’s helping is the Pomodoro technique, I accidentally found in an downloaded software. It makes me work 25min then rest 5, all during a designed time of 4 hours. I will cal a 4 hour pomodoro work: one session.

I was much more effective during the pomodoro session, the second work period during my day was way less effective, was more because of the afternoon relaxed tempo or the absence of pomodoro technique. One way to know is to try to work the same thing during the morning without Pomodoro.

Also, my assessment of this morning is quite subjective. I don’t know if it;s the Pomodoro technique but the only thing that made e feel effective, was that I wasn’t tired, my energy levels were preserved ovetime.


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