I’ve got a plan for next week, let’s put last week behind us and focus positively

The day was ok. Not fabulous. I’ve managed better days. I’m kind of disoriented, still you might say…

Look, there is no ‘declic’ to wait for. You decide what to do, set deadlines and do the work. You can’t become a slave of external influences.

You have built a momentum and it is time for you to exploit it.

Yes you have your tracking system up and running, with one button click you have your stats of how you spend your days. But what for, If not for the better enhancement of the quality of your days on earth.

Look, you can listen and read a lot of advice. But I’m in this feeling now that I have plenty of advice to follow already.

I’m on the phase of following the advice I have collected over the last few months. Yes it’s refreshing to hear about fellow entrepreneurs, it’s makes me more energetic and wanting to keep on track towards the mountain.

I need to focus on the mountain faraway. I’m enjoying the walk, the hike, etc. But I need to do and complete my daily steps. It’s still faraway and the journey is so long and so enjoyable that I want to experience more of it. I can’t just stay in the same place. I need to discover more of the road.

By Friday I want to have my FightMediocrity similar video published to the world. I need to ship. That’s a big kill that I know I can animate by Tuesday, Audio and Arrange by Friday.

The surfing will be minimized and intensified.

The truth is that I’m not super happy about the last week. I won’t mark it in the top weeks hall of fame. Maybe it’s because I have no track of it. And maybe that if I read back the gratefulness I wrote every day I would feel better, now, about it.

Ok I have a plan for the next 5 days. My health is not optimal neither. Some remaining backpain and the ingurgitation of carbs on a daily basis doesn;t make feel good.

But I’m grateful I can still walk, and in an acceptable shape.


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