In the know thyself spirit

I built my tracking system it looks good, and most importantly in phase with what I need.

When tracking myself, it is more helpful to actively record my actions, it makes me more aware of them. So I get to record my action more easily, a rigt-click button and I select what I already have prepared in prepared submenus.

Furthermore, I’ll set tomorrow a way to have instant feedback on my activities. I can get my data about myself to the most recent second. I want to be able to answer questions like:
"When was last time I did that?"
"How often do I do this?"
"What triggers this and that, is it the sleep the night before, the exercice, the chilling, the guitar, the music playing along, the writing, the reading"
"Where do I feel good"

There are a lot of parameters to look for and measure and see how there is causation between them.

Also the whole tracking has a spirit behind its inception. Their is an underlying philosophy of "Know thyself" like the inscriptions at the Apollo temple’s entrance.

If something is simplified it is something easier to build, to work on, to process through. I thought of the process of building my tracking system back again was a lot of work, but when I was open minded and looked at it with simplicity it became easier and obvious.

Tomorrow, I want to complete the tracking system I almost started from scratch today, including instant stats and graphics. Then I want to chill, breath, maybe read PMBA, reflect and share a laugh. Basically get a kill early in the morning and enjoy and nurture myself the rest of the day.


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