Discovering further layers on my self improvement track

I’m dripping. I guess. I don’t know by how much. I’m almost lost in a way because I have no idea how much I really produced today, or yesterday, or last week.

I’d feel more comfortable knowing. But it doesn’t drive a pain big enough to act and get my tracking system together back at where it was. I’m thinking about making 5 min tranches during the day, that includes the 24 hrs, so that intermittent sleep can be measured.

It’s actually all simple and I’m just complicating it in my mind.

I know i’m at screen # 6 in my Impressionist youtube video. Tomorrow first thing will be setting up that tracking system back on track. So I know what I’m talking about.

Apart from that, I don’t know where my day went. I watched bill burr. Had the 4 pm alarm get me back on track to produce some more screens on videoscribe but the music and guitar got the hold me, maybe for another 2 hrs, then I watch Antoine de Maximy in Mongolia, Then tried progressing a bit on videoscribe. Of course the the progress was minimal. "A bit" as I wanted. and my energy level generally permit.

What was interesting today was the 2nd QnA Derek Sivers made with Ferriss. Don’t remember much but I’ll be sure to go back to it. Then i read that "true marketing" Sean Dsouza, interesting.

I;m in a phase of questiong the meaning and the value of life and what I want to be. Happiness, success, as others refer to it. I’m certainly developing my own metric system for measuring my wellbeing. At least I started the process, because I know that money and cars is not exactly what I want. I found great similarity between Derek Sivers, his Introvert character and long-lasting focus as I am. I never heard of someone with long lasting focus, beside me, before.


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