Knowing myself leads to contempt and happiness

I understood my my tracking system upgrade, that tracking is useful when it is monitored and is constantly advertised to your self-awareness.

Sapiens book was an insightful read. "What do we want as humans?" But more importantly that us as the homo-sapiens we are now, we should understand that our feelings, good and bad, are just like waves on the beach. It pointless, to control them, to thrive for them, one can only contemplate them, knowing that they vanish as soon as they appear by the shore.

"In contrast, for many traditional philosophies and religions, such as Buddhism, the key to happiness is to know the truth about yourself – to understand who, or what, you really are."

Isn’t tracking system I’m developing is at the core of this quest? How coincidental !

Relentless pursuit of certain feelings is just plain pointless and traps you in a vicious cycle. Living in the present moment is more fullfiling and satisfactory than fantasizing of what might have been.

I am not my feelings.

What am I them? I know I can create my delusion as I wish and that what sapiens have done and are doing for 70,000 years ago. But what can I aim at?

Some Buddhist reading might be of help.

Apart from that. I;m dripping. Everyday. Took a power rest, that’s why I’m still awake.

The plan is to keep on dripping, I’m enjoying it.. Then think of How I can return to the early non-in-time tracking system, where I can go back anytime and log my activities and have them visually understandable. So I can know myself, apparently I’m unique in a way from the other 7 billion.

I’m in the quest of the ‘Know thyself’ now


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