Dripping like water in a cave

Today was a better day. Although I’m not tracking as extensively, I did the work. I dripped and I it felt good.

Progress and knowing that I’m closer to the mountain makes me feel better, indubitably.

I did the first 2 scenes in VideoScribe for my art animation. I also look forward for some dead link mining for my industry, the fear of missing out and having other new-comers take my backlinks makes me move and do the work.

Other than that, I’m enjoying my minimalism and my search for simpler life, where it’s plain simple actions, like dripping waters in a cave for millions of years. Unconsciously implementing the "Hell yeah, or no" approach.

I enjoy reading, writing, animating, and creating timeless content about art. I’m taking my time, but it’s ok. I’ll gain momentum I’m certain, the early dawn waking up makes me feel better about myself.

To sleep now.


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