Produced greatly first half, Almost perfect second half besides the useless overreaching during the evening, especially without a midday rest

Most of of the time I notice that the overreaching and wanting to achieve more in a day is not a very effective strategy.

When I just wake I’m at full potential. I learn and apply myself to do great efficient and effective work. During the last part of the day, and mostly the evening, I get ideas, some energy,and motivation, specifically after listening to podcast and reading books and stuff, so I try to achieve as good things. But it’s generally wasted energy.

I get confused and waste so much time and effort in things that have great chances to be achieved quickly the next morning when I wake up. And that situation finds a good reference for other high-achievers. They referred to not needing to overreach and take a rest.

The idea is to work intensely but for short period of time.

Other than that I have understood and learned about design and software and tools for the youtube video.

I also wrote the bulk story for the Impressionists. Felt good. I should have ended my day by noon I guess, and thought about spending the remaining differently.

Actually I did that I had great lunch and a wonderful funky guitar session. I feel that today I learn how to strum one string at a time.



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