Life is long enough

Being in a second state. I forget how today was a long say.

I enjoy the fact that my first wake is the good wake up, and that’s it. I go to produce, and then If I’m tired I power nap.

What humans have been doing else than waking up, producing for survival and going to sleep when feeling tired? Nothing. Imagine 10,000 years ago. What job did I human being have here on the same land as I am right now. Imagine the mountains I’m near to, the sea, the hills the plains, and someone just like, with a beard a mustache and skin clothing roaming around. They just spend their day pretty much like you do.

The only difference is that they go hunt and collect plants from the area around, in order to eat. I go collect food too with money I have indirectly earned.

But let’s move on. I upgraded the Tracking system today. In some ways, it feels good when I look back at my day and see how I’ve spent it, and grasp the day in a single visualization. Graph, automatic one is what I’m going to make tomorrow.

It’s definite, my Long-term project is going to be about Art. I feel I can talk about that for hours. What I can also talk about for hours is the my self-development, my improvement and learn by teaching. I think I just chose Art because the competition is lower, but does that mean that there is less demand? I don’t think so. Art movement can be approached from an Entrepreneurial perspective.

The story of Art is the story of life, endeavor. Like philosophy, and other things like that.

i jsut noticed that, indeed, llife is long enough, it;s just what humans and all the false systems that make it short. There decide to live in a big city, to have access to transportation and be "influenced" by their tribe. But what about a time where a tribe is not necessary anymore (or is it?)

I think a tribe is necessary though. Anyway, I listening a nice Indian Sitar riff that I’m going to play.


All good don;t worry. Tomorrow I will continue the Automatic Graph for my tracking system and I’ll do some drippings. Youtube or on site…


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