Holistic reflection and remember how useful Autofocus is

I’m reflected on the situation holistically. Including sustain the art project, developing my TimeTracker programming.

Regarding the art project, it’s encouraging to view first viewers spending 3 min, viewers from India, US, Israel. That means working on the axes of design, content, and backlinking will take the project to fruition and I can eventually convert that to cash.

Regarding the TimeTracker, I’m enjoying learning how to script in vba and I can apparently move to next (really close) step. HTA programming which looks like Html but for windows, which is amazing!

The listening and reading, about vulnerability (which I didn’t really digest with practical actions), about Who is it for? when it comes to selling a product and the remaining Seth Godin principles, about Derek Sivers "What I hate NOT to do" programming is definitely one of those. Writing for myself, certainly too…but not sure about writing for others.

The big story these days is that I’m back to wanting to jump on different things and try out new things without sticking to the original projects I have started. As Seth Godin I think said, I forget that I can do ONE thing for 10 years then another thing for next 10 years and so on, I don’t have to start them all right now. I forget that I can spread my projects through time and take them to fruition one by one, sequentially.

I ingurgitated a lot of information these days,
from the youtube FightMediocrity books,
to actual books (PMBA),
Sivers blog,
Seth Godin,
Kant’s definition of Reality that can be a nice self-research trigger,
linkable to my art project, also I’m progressing on guitar now,
I\m enjoying cooking new things, hacking and cracking software,
Le gai savoir (L’ivresse : in vino realitas).
VBscript and HTA programming
That business idea website from Mixergy and build an MVP for it.

I feel like it all need time to settle the dust in my mind.

But most importantly I should just log that in Autofocus.xlsx and read about the related guide from Kaufman PMBA. I’m sure that 3/4 of these will disappear from my mind once I log them down.

Ok, tomorrow, will be somewhat similar. Certainly enjoying the vba/hta programming and listening/reading/understanding/learning. I don’t know about the Christie’s art article.


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