On Starting a gallery, how to read books, Time tracking and scratching own itch

It’s 9.36 pm. Things are getting mixed, but it’s alright I’m not a robot.

I spent the day chilling, making a new version of my TimeTracker on Excel, work like a charm, will be more automatic and efficient.

Regarding money making, I did not work on that. And I’m more thinking about how becoming the best rather than how to make money, because the money will follow anyway if I;m the best. So it’s more interesting to focus on being the best in what I choose to undertake.

When this principle applies to the art project, being the best means getting the best traffic possible, interaction, making something people love. I discovered that FightMediocrity channel, it’s interesting how he is making a name for himself without mentioning ANY name whatsoever of himself. Not even an alias or a nickname, because the viewer (me) doesn’t care about the guy’s name. Yeah it can be handy to remember the guy and stuff, but hey, I’ve got FightMediocrity ingrained in my brain.

The format is simple, he is doing something he loves. It apparently been a year that he is doing that. Pretty much like the daily blogging that I did on isnotagame.

Just putting great work and value out there, a little promotion and give it patience and some time. Actually focus on other things and make the content productions become habits in where you don’t think much about it. You’d do it almost everyday for yourself anyway.

Like what I did with the Excel time tracking today. I’d do it anyway. I’m scratching my own itch.

The good news is that learning about picasso, matisse and the art market and most importantly how to start a gallery is something that I’m interested in anyway. I would totally spend ,y time researching and learning how I can launch my own gallery and live my dream of being an art gallerist.

So these are the fields that look attractive to me today:
1-Understanding and situating art through time and history
2-Learning how I can become a gallery owner in the future in a place like Sao Paulo, London or Paris, or New York
3-Programming and develop software that make (finally) technology to good use for human improvement.

I enjoyed the 4.00am reading. It stuck with me and the new How to read technique of Gary hoover has made more confident in making the books mine. Controlling what I choos eto read and what not. Cutting out the ‘sacrality’ of book on me. I’m the human, they are the objects.


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