Making my trajectory/path clearer, but within the frames of daily consistency

That breathing exercise is tranquilizing. Like a bear syringe.

I did what I had to do early morning. Worked the worked and published it.

Regarding the art project, I feel that Scrum planning needs to be much more frequent in this phase. I’m not lost, but I feel that I need to write down the trajectory more often, because I’m entering into that bushy area, with similar vegetation and unclear path. The mountain is up there. I can see it. The trajectory I guess would:

Making monthly money. I have decide that I would come from converted traffic. Traffic that is amassed through timeless, value-adding content. I’m in the process of writing great content but great content is not enough, it needs to be promoted. So backlinking is the strategy. I’m not trying to block myself from starting to reach out peers in the art blogging sphere, it’s just thta I think that my content is not ready yet.

What I’m apparently doing now, subconsciously as a trail/drift from my previous momentum since website and css setting, is to build "good enough" content to show it to others. I don’t feel promoting something I’m not YET proud of.

I would need to beautify the website interface. Add some more articles like 5 more posts at least, and ameliorate my infographics, before I even think about shares and tweets and stuff, or adsense.

I need to have a website that I’m proud of. Right now I’m not really boasting about my website. Yes the content is good but the design is not as good. I’m like 60% done with my overall design and structure. It can be dealt with using simple Scrum planning tomorrow.

Yes I can still drip some 500 words about a painting or an artist, and think about how I can progress in the UI/UX part later on the day. Ultimately, I’ll have a good bulk of lean content published on a "proud of" website.

What I’m doing is good. I’m MVP in terms of content, hitting publish as soon as I can. It also pushes me to make the content production become a habit, a morning routine.

I still have those projects I want to try, like business idea site, and other stuff I noted somewhere, but I’m spending after "target achieved" day playing guitar, interviews, reading a bit (not enough). Actually I should track how much time can I spend reading, is it 1 hr, 2?

8.56. To sleep. Consistency should be the golden treasure that I should preserve.


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