Relax and achieving more with joy

Completed Picasso. I like giving a different approach from the one generally adopted, the one that looks like a factual bio, and not a story like …"life story"

I’ve got to read that book about the Hollywood stories types. People understand and grasp concept only through stories.

I shifted my mind these days about the approach about my daily routine, especially the 2 days from 1 approach. I figured it’s unnecessary and would lead to the same results as a more "relaxed" approach. I can watch penguin flying over my head, dolphins swimming in the ocean, while hitting the same watermarks and achieving my goals.

Now I know that my days will incorporate adding to my art website content on a daily basis, just little drippings, but the large big trajectory is not defined yet.

And it shouldn’t be. If there is one thing certain, it’s that my plans will change. So right now, I want to continue dripping, for tomorrow for example, and spend the remainder of the day, reading, listening, understanding, and learning, to at least make a choice to which "rough" way I’m walking to that giant mountain over there.

Minimalist I should be with my day, and seek to purge my energy into the most valuable thing, getting close to that mountain. 2050 a month.


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