Doing the work and staying in the marmite

No matter what you do. It’s about consistency. Either you set it to be consistent on don;t start it at all. Even if it’s minimal, it can be a good start.

And what better way to start consistency than developing the "habit" of doing the work. You are good in that in have had some great success with developing good habits. This journaling is one of them.

As you know, the principle of anchoring your habit after your repeated actions is the way to integrate the habit into your system. So when it comes to producing great content, you just have to choose a 800-1000 words to Lean about a topic and do it as part of your daily routine.

Overtime, you’ll amass a significant amount of produced work. You will end up choose the creme from the creme.

I did my Dali and Magritte today. Not a biography because it has been done, repeatedly in other blogs. I took a different approach in starting with make them intriguing and famous as artists, then I kind of tell their most interesting part of their life story, and try to wrap up with the fruit of their artistic life: their work.

Besides that, the entrepreneur mindset is helping a lot throughout the day. It keeps me in the "marmite" and don;t let me go out of it.

I need this mixergy interviews and content alike to keep me intrigued, exploring new ideas, and nurturing my flame of seeking my freedom.

Moving on to a different art, music, Nile Rodgers is exactly what made me want to pick up guitar all over the years since I played gta san andreas for the first time. I just didn’t know he has produced most of the funky music and riffs. It’s regarded as ”pop", but know they seem masterpieces. The music does not fade with time as a Rihanna hit.

Tomorrow, I’ll quickly add 2 more modern masters and enjoy the rest of my day, learning reading and listening, chilling. No not chilling I want to get even closer to the mountain.


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