Css is done, I’m good to go for what’s next

Let me lecture you something brother. Discipline is everything. You can have wonderful days achieving wonderful things, but if you can’t pull out positive, productive days, CONSISTENTLY, you can’t make it.

You start when you said you start and you finish when you set to finish. There is no improv, winging in that. Thank you.

So, of course I pulled out a great day today. Now that I’m just trying to remember if I’ve done everything I said I would today, I don’t know if it’s all done; the "*Finish design Css once and for all. Forever!"

Well now that I have looked. I did finish that. The only thing is the Photoshopping a Logo. Otherwise, the image aligning is thrown away and the .Svg timeline or png, is part of writing the article.

A total of 28 pts. I believe the next step is writing the second pillar article, smartly. The image and excerpt enhancement should come along with the proofreading part.

As it is smarter to run the whole process at once before looping back to another article. I should lay all the steps that an article goes through including, seo, excerpt, images layout, etc.

I believe that writing about famous artist, then famous painting is of use. It is at the core of the Artist Musings project.

So that’s what’s next. I’m somehow less excited about waking up tomorrow and read and write about famous artists. But if you think about it you’ll write about the 4 Modern Masters, at least. So Dali is interesting to you, Picasso is interesting too. Matisse is admirable and Warhol is actual. I believe I can sort that out, in a day.

I’d also like to read. Kimmelmann book seems to be an "in-time" and I’d like to spend some "working hours" reading about something interesting to me.

So 5 readings are interesting to me. Dali, Picasso blue pink periods, Matisse, Warhol, Kimmelmann. And as a supplement writing, I already know about Van Gogh. it seems that I have my bulk text already.

Ok, I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

See, I now know why what happened. I forgot to be grateful, "in writing" today and remind myself how focus with my energy and persistent with my discipline I should be.


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