When it comes to web dev, I achieved more than I planned. But felt it after 3 hrs

I achieved 32 scrum pts today, with ease I believe. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as bulking text, proofreading or leaning text.

I don’t say that reading about art was nerve-wracking as such but it was more tiring that what I did with css and web tweaking. I don’t know why.

Maybe the 32 pts were overestimated. Maybe not. We’ll know with more Scrum plans and results. Other than that, it interesting how things that look complicated in "web development" becomes evident in an instant, maybe I have a sense of this. Something within me, I don’t know.

But let’s not be stupid and keep our focus. I wish I could look at today more deeply and examine what happened over the minutes.Fortunately I have that in-time calendar in which I write what I do, while I do it. I can go back and have a look, and maybe come up with further findings.

Also let’s be honest and say that I felt right from the start, like in the 3rd hour or so, that the whole web dev can take up to 2 days and not more. The whole 75 scrum points felt senseless.

But I had bread and butter, that’s why. I’m carb high at the moment and need to sleep.



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