Taking time to reflect and strike from a fresh new angle

It’s 9 o’clock and I spend a good day. It was relaxed and mindful. A good choice to make.

Taking time to breathe and reflect on how strike the enemy from a new, fresh angle is way batter than stumping on the same wall over and over again. That’s how being smart.

I scrum planned. I note that the design that I intend to have is quite significant. Although it looks like tiny modification here and there, it adds up to 75pts!

Meaning that it could take a week, if my Scrum points-giving is accurate.

Apart from that, I’m aware that before I can relax and just focus on creating content on well whelled machine, I need to be working on the design of the site first, before creating "eventual" articles and do "analytical reach outs".

Never underestimate a mixergy interview. The titles are misleading as many titles in the world. The ""experience" of being within the mindset of 2 entrepreneurs is what you seek as value. Like anything else. Reading: you want to be in the mind of someone else, that have a story to tell. Etc.

Yes you can end with Et cetera.


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