How I envision my day to day work on this art project

Today was I good day. It was a resting day. I didn’t do much although I tried, and that’s the worst.

I sunk in the mayhem of css of the website. I need to be more methodical and wise about doing it than with

I can;t do that as I go. I need to list every change on the design of the site. Know exactly and enter it into the Scrum system. Don’t be fool about it.

I think that beside finding myself between the 2nd pillar post writing and design the website, I should first Scrum all this thing up. A Scrum every saturday morning is a necessity to keep my head on my shoulders.

So tomorrow my goal should be a Scrum planning. Updated after the ‘publishing’. I’ve got to envision my day to work on this project.

Thinking of articles. Being able to do my research online. Collect data and text. Proofread and publish as simply and easily as possible. No friction in that,

Then I envision myself having a "backlinking" databoard, where every step of my backlinking is tracked measured, and progressed with. My "backlinking outreach" should almost on a daily basis, in machine-fashion of doing.

Now that I did my gratefulness. Let me wrap up and say that I turned the first page of my book, and there are more to be read. And I think a Scrum plan is a page on it’s own/

Let’s focus and play the games that I can win


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