Finally published and started the game

Ok! You’re aware that the real work starts now. Yes you have published your 1st article. Youpi! But all comes from backlinking to rank up in the SERPS

Backlinking comes from blogs and sites linking to my "great content". So I should be proud of my content before I contact and reach out.

Ok now! You should know that my back hurts. From the hot/cold shower yesterday. But I managed to score my day beautifully. Like 80% success.

Tap on the back. I have to make the timeline look good. Infographic or .svg or something.

Then I’ll need to write my second pillar article to promote. I can’t be out there promoting my timeline only. I’m willing to have a "famous artists" and "famous paintings…and why"

it’s 9.00 pm. I did not particularly "enjoy" my day. But I feel good about it. Afterall, I managed to published. I’m not so expressive about it. Maybe because I know it’s just the beginning. Or it reminds of that feeling of having succeeded to only publish one article in the past. But that was the past. I successfully published an article a day (at least), for almost one year!!

I’m a different person than the "ignorant" westheadline.

Tomorrow, we’ll manage to beautify the images, Jump the lines and make the block text more readable, and scrum plan the second pillar article.

To sleep.


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