planning the optimal producing day

I spent the whole day just one thing. Building the wordpress theme, setting plugins, and arranging website. ugh..reminds me early days (summer 2014) when I didn’t know shit about life.

Is that what I mean by "focus"? If that focus, man, that was a tunnel that I traversed today.

"You can worry about it later" was the phrase of the day. I wanted to end the day saying that I "published". I think I could have, if I were more efficient after the rest I took.

But I was not in "production" mode really. I tried to put in the images, but felt "not like doing it", like leaving it for tomorrow when I’m more ON. Like alpha male on, when I wake up.

And I think there is a downside to ending the day like today, tired exhausted and not "technically" not achieving what I set out as an "afternoon" goal.

In reality the whole "good" energy has been during the morning. Until I peaked and started going down. That’s when I felt hungry for lunch. I did have lunch. Rested, with capital R, 3 hours and woke. Actually did solve quickly what I stalled about before lunch, like in a minute, thinking "you can worry about it later", and went on the images. But then my sitting posture was not as I wanted to put in all the images on the article. I dragged and did things here and there. I learned how to put the caption, how the font size is modified, and how the images can go to full screen, diaporama style, and arranging their appearance in-text.

So that was a quick summary.

Maybe If I kept in mind that I want to publish today, I would have spend my energy in the afternoon differently. I actually put in 6 good hours of work in the morning, but I hardly get and effective 3 hrs after rest.

So there is a lot to think about and experiment with, in terms of planning the optimal producing day.

My first thought is:

it can include a rest like a d (ah man I’m TIME LAGGED, I thought it was 9.00 already, it’s actually only 8.00 pm)

It can include a rest after a good 6 hours of early morning work, the I can focus on getting something done afterwards. How much do I really get done after a rest? That a good question to investigate.


I can, like Mark Twain?, just focus on doing what I have to do in the 6 hours in the morning, don’t believe that I’m effective after the rest. Maybe I’m taking 3-4 hrs to do something after rest that may take only 30 min to 1 hour in the morning. Really.. So the 1 day from 2 with rest is not necessarily a good choice.

I can work in the morning and relax in the afternoon. I can use the afternoon to open my mind, read, listen, walk, (shower) and so on, step back to jump better…

Working afternoons should be about something exciting, that I can wait but try it and do it. Otherwise, just listen, read, learn, understand and use the morning punch that I seem to have when I open my eyes at 5.30 am.

Ok I’ll go investigate these 2 or 3 approaches later and come up with a resolution to experiment with. Either rest or no rest and relax afternoon.


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