Feel so empty by the end of a non-early meditative day, I suspect, multi-tabs

I feel so empty and tire. Is it because I decided to not meditate in the morning. Maybe I got myself used to produce a lot in a day. And meditation has become an imperative for a fully functioning body during a normal day. Normal being, producing,

Ah man, that external resources have emptied my soul. How can something so simple and but repetitively exhausting?

I did actually take a nice nap. It’s become a sort of habit now. The least I can say is that it’s easier.

I can;t wait to publish that article tomorrow. I’ll have to set up the theme. See if I can torrent first, saving 50 bucks, then I publish my post.

Then "funny" part is to think of collecting backlinks. I’m confident with Brian Dean Backlinko advice. I can do it, I believe.

Also I want to publish the 2nd pillar article. That certainly will be about Famous artists and their lives. Or I need to make a choice. Maybe I’ll do famous paintings first.

The floor sitting is of great help. Bu I believe that I spent the day pretty dehydrated. I can be a reason for my exhaustion too.

You know, I feel like reading Kimmelman about art economics, and watch a documentary about art, and explore Dali and Picasso, and life of Lautrec and Paris in the turn of 20th century, so many things. But I feel the processing power to be limited and also don’t even picture how I can include that in a productive day. Just the doing the "work" takes a lot of time and energy, and focus, and discipline.

Ok, some well deserved rest. I must say that I planned and overdelivered on my afternoon after the rest I took. I knew how it was going to go, and actually spent my afternoon better than I expected. All thanks to the tracking system

Oh actually, I did meditate, 3 hrs in my day. I don;t know maybe that it’s just too much overload. Or I just wasn’t focus enough. Yeah probably. I remember spending a big chunk of my time lost between the infinite tabs and multiple posts I’m reading at the same time.


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