one day out of…one. With focus

Something positive. My sitting posture on the floor is relieving the pain from my back. That’s good.

Wait I forgot. I did take a nap but wasn’t grateful today. So let me do that and I’ll come back.

Ok, thinking about how I’m playing the long game. It’s measured in years. So I’m here to make the most of every moment, every day. At least it won’t be extended to decades!

If I keep being producing everyday. And having like 2 or 3 unproductive days a months I can then dream of making a name for myself in the next 3 to 4 years! Just to put things in perspective.

Nothing works like a magic trick. Thinking that making one website about art, and collecting traffic, maybe a course product, and some adsense won’t make me living in a castle in Como. But that the least I can do to start even consider a financially comfortable life.

Aim big but I believe that I should take everyday as single challenge. Day time frame works for me. I have to achieve things, between I wake up and go to sleep.

It’s exactly 9.00 pm and I should go to sleep.

I’m getting in the habit of making this a long day journal. I don’t what’s right.

The only thing I want to record is that I didn’t meditate as I woke up, I was amazingly focus as I jumped on what I had to do and I didn’t finish the day before. I did rest after lunch. But didn;t make me produce anything in the afternoon.

So instead of making 2 days out 1, I made one day, but I very focused day.

I don’t know which is more effective. Certainly, they both serve different objectives


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