little good things that overcompensate for 99% of the boring stuff

There are two thing that I want to start with.

When I endured watching the whole Seinfeld interview with Paul McCartney’s tight-up-the-ass daughter, I discovered right at the end "Band on the run" song, now I’m listening at the whole album and discovering another along with it. The music is really good, and one thing positive came out of that 45 min interview, the closing music.

Second story like this. I went to the Sunday market today, on the way, I found myself footsteps close to that majestuous tree on top of the hill. I walked back, I climbed the hill. I then found a marvelous view of the Mediterranean sea and the mountains of Tangier, with the river path distinguishable from such an overview. Then I payed attention to the market I was going to. The yelling, the masses of people moving in and out, like liquids in some animation. I did the market shopping, and the experience wasn’t nearly as exceptional as the view from the hill before.

So the learning from these two stories is that I should never underestimate what I can get out of a new experience. At first watching that whole video seemed pointless. When I came back from the market, the most interesting thing that happened was that view. So when I’m writing something, about a topic new for me or going to some place I’ve never been to, or visiting webpages I normally never go to. Or trying new books. New things. The randomness of life can make it extremely interesting.

Regarding the work. I stalled I bit. I wrote a bulk intro that need to be refined. Haven’t touched the in-text links. Majorly interrupted by my going to the market.

The sitting on the floor relieved my back pain today. Hopefully my productivity will resume as it usually is when I’m sitting on a chair.

Tomorrow I”ll refine that intro, and put the text together. Then I’ll need to SEOfy. The tasks seems dull and, at that moment, don’t feel particularly excited about doing them. This probably will need some writing session to know my excitement is not as big. Is it because I’m getting close and Resistance is throwing everything it has against me?

Anyway, let’s drink that avocado smoothie, ab exercise and Simpsons sleep.


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