Doing my thing, consistently but it should remain effective

I think I’m going for a walk. I’m tired, my back hurts from sitting. But the moving around makes me feel good.

Regarding today. Well… progress, yet again. I’m being consistent it seems. I finished 21 Scrum points. The power nap was formidable. I didn’t have to watch any series or shows, just slept alone, with the help of nothing, as rarely as it seems.

I was thinking "Well what’s left now? Well… I think that’s the time where I have to publish my content on the website now". I haven’t look at the exact Scrum Plan of what’s left, but now that I’ve looked, I should implement SEO technique on the content, because it’s… done, I guess.

But think about something, you can change the and modify text ANYTIME later, so don;t worry about the perfectness. It’s just a form of resistance.

So tomorrow Writing that Intro with Keyword, having a definite Title Keyword, and the ‘related links’/’Read more’ links to test interest in particular topic.

I guess I should improve the PNG and see how I can implement my png as it is or think of .svg with clickable content on my picture.

I feel sleepy now.

I built the stats for my tracker for the fiirst time. I have plenty of data to look at. It’s cool. The look is nice, it’s somewhat automated and is promising for making the "know thyself" project easier along my days.

Time for me to decide if I’m going to walk around the house instead of going out, and just cook lentils eat, carb effect, which is 20% carbs

I’m here for 45 min now, and haven’t finished writing. Tomorrow I’ll go the Sunday market and see if any eggplant, khiar, butternut squash, onion.. we’ll see


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