Strengths, anfd writing as entering the gold mine of my mind

A good advice I heard this afternoon from the guy that was in Nasa, Microsoft, that launched and sold the pre-internet bubble dropbox for millions. (Actually half a billion with a b)

"You can focus on your strengths or focus on your weaknesses". Of course I’ve heard that before. Like one year ago, from Ferriss podcasts, but it never penetrated my mind until today.

And I think I’m in a period where I’m gaining momentum. I’m way in better situation that one year ago. Whether, it’s morally (although this one didn’t change much), but emotionally, socially, intellectually, applying principles, focus, doing one thing at time, listening more, reading more, self-discipline, creating and sustain life-long habits…

But the advice forced me to ask "what are my strengths now that I should be focusing on?" I didn’t have an automatic response to that, something as evident as the Art business to me these days.

The art business is something that always attracted me, but I never took it as "my thing". But the more I produce in it, I feel that everything is aligned. My purpose, my skills, my happiness, art is something I truly love doing. And I’m counting to keep on diffing into that.

But my strengths. When I hear strengths, I hear meta-skills. Like listening, persuasion, speaking, maths,… It all seems to me that it’s a meta-skill that serves multiple aspect of leading a great life. I’m not sure if that’s what the guy with the advice meant.

I’ll have to leave it here and think about my strengths tomorrow.

I didn’t put on my alarm yesterday, although, I kind of said I’ll do it. I was waken up by moadins at 5.30 am and chose not to get up. I actually, slep, fully, and wholesomely, until 7.45 am

I so wish I can wake up at 5.00 am and experience the same feeling I had yesterday. The first 2 hrs are gold, and they finish by 7.00 am. It’s amazing it’s like you extend your day, from the bottom.

Just wanted to add, writing is a like entering the gold mine of my mind. I did a writing session this morning, and found out that I should Scrum plan, and have a broad look at the whole art project. It’s definitely clearer, and I look forward to complete the 47 pts remaining.

Actually now, I can forecast, quite accurately I must say, how many days I need to spend working to get something done. The Scrum pts are decisive in giving that information. Because the continuous-updated planning of the Scrum method let’s know much more precisely how much effort is poured on a task, or how much is needed for a forthcoming task.


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