Produced, not under-pressure, and fine with it

Today was more of a chill day. Not in a sense that I didn’t produce. Of course I did. I started the graphic thing and it’s a matter of hours before it’s done.

But it’s more of a chill day in sense that I didn’t feel the pressure that much. I thought at some point about the $2,050/month, and it certainly pumps up energy for me.

But should I spend my day under pressure? At which level I should be? between the chill that serenely progress and get things done, and the under pressure guy that is pedaling hard to finish the lap before going to sleep. Because, that’s what it is. I’m pedaling hard to be able to finish the round lap before I go to sleep.

Well the reading and the hearing and learning I did advocates taking it easy. From Derek Sivers to that producer of music guy that podcasted with Ferriss, they both advice on not being hard on oneself. The bike pedaling of Derek Sivers that was like 3 minutes faster by pedaling twice as hard.

I can understand that, in a sense. I progressed today. Woke up at 5.00 am felt perfect by 10.00 am. And that’s it. I just executed for the rest of the day what I learned early in the morning. In fact I will mostly be executing what I learned this early morning tomorrow too.

So easy peasy. I did well. I hope to get up at 5.00 am tomorrow. In fact let me try an alarm for the first time since, I had a "job".

Ok let’s try that.

I think that, though, that the ketosis situation I was from fasting for 24h made a difference too. All of this needs to be measured and a plan of how I should manage and update my habits should be worked on.


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