Technically done with first article

I don’t know what happened to me today. This day needs to be reviewed sometime later…meaning never, I guess.

I did my abstract expressionism, finally. I think I was so slurped by the subject, the american propaganda against the soviets, the cold-war, the Rockefellers, it reminded me of Banana man. All very interesting.

Most of my effort went into stopping myself from learning more. I knew I had to focus on completing the 500 words excerpt, but the abstract impressionism was so compelling that it was hard.

It’s an interesting story where I was for some good amount of the day thinking "Oh.. that’s why the hype around it doesn’t make any sense", "it was all made up! factually". Even if there is a continuation to the art movement from Surrealism, that big fame and attraction to it something that I should dig deeper to understand.

maybe it’s scratching an itch in our subconscious, like music, or their is something we like in it, as human, that we don;t understand yet. Anyway, work more to be done on that. Michael Kimmelman takes an interesting approach in art, that I can learn something from.

Time to sleep. And have a new day to enjoy. Maybe more effectively and efficiently than that


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