Lived against my work of fiction and got things done anyway

I did my dues today. Doubled the effort and got two articles done. Didn’t take the rest though, although I planned falling asleep while watching woddy allen’s bank cookie movie, but the film was so good that I stayed awake.

I summoned my energy muse to let me do pop Art, and I did. Until the last drop.

I just have Abstract Expressionism left. I guess, and then on to graphics, and building a website.

A different component of my Art project story is that my site is up and running. I had to nothing really to get bluehost host the wordpress I installed and didn’t work. Just a quick uninstall and reinstall did the fix. See… All this time spent projecting into the future and raising my anxiety levels for having to deal with blue host as they may have found that I used a proxy before I paid with my English, and the questions, and the identity proof and the nightmare…I already started planning about finding a different host. Maybe ask for a refund but not rely much on it as I will pay the new host again with freshly credit cash, that my sister in Liverpool would do…See, all this story was a brilliant work of fiction. It turned out that everything worked fine, and I needed not to do anything beside uninstall and reinstall.

And that’s what living with present mindfulness is. Something that I coincidentally heard Tim Ferriss speaking on his podcast last night. I must say, though, that I managed the situation pretty well. I knew how to contain my emotion, and hold my projected my future anxiety, and got several jobs done.

I can go back to the 26th November, I guess, if not 27 and from then was not sure about the outcome of my newly paid site. But I continued nonetheless. I produced great content. Focused on what mattered at that time.

My anxiety rushes were very occasional, like an overall of 5 small occurrences during the 5 days. But I can’t say that I was disturbed, apart from yesterday, afternoon. And chocolate had to do a lot with that.

My willpower was depleted by my chocolate consumption, I almost can prove it!

I had this idea of recording the SoundDefects theme that I play, on Ableton using my guitar and some beats. Nice side project. Also, I should plan my trip to buy that chisel.

Apart from these side activities, I should go back to RankXL and Backlinko, and make sure I comply with everything. I’m excited to make those graphics that I have in mind. I hope The timeline won’t take more than a day. Challenge Accepted!


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