I didn’t take out my AK, today was a good day

Ok. Although i know I have achieved good things today, I’m not so appreciative of the little outcomes and feel.. overwhelmed.

I’m anxious about whit BlueHost has not let me access the wordpress install, and know that I will do 2 or 3 more art movements: Fauvism, futurism and Pop Art.

It’s still interesting and appealing to me. I learn a lot and I can wait to have this project validated (in other words, knowing that other people will be interested in what I do) to keep on digging and offering value.

The chocolate thing was poison. Really. I felt foggy afterwards. Even if I rested and felt good again, I was de-phased.

But to think positively, I know about Die Brucke, an expressionist art movement that wanted to regain spirituality in their art. They were attracted by what they called "primitivism" that had to do a lot with Gothic art and the Middle Ages epoch. I feel like watching Lord of the Rings now. It’s amazing what I get to read. And I’m grateful for having the chance and the time, and the resources to do that these days.

The Argonauts! A whole world is waiting for exploration. The Greeks and encient stories and mythologies are amazing. I know something can be done about that.

ok let’s appreciate my finishing of Surrealist movement with all its components in one day. I use to take 2 to 3 days to do that. No more chocolate during my working period. Let’s focus, reduce, reduce, and reduce, to quote Marcel Duchamp.

Oh and a whole Paris I haven’t explored when I was there. The whole Montmartre, Bateau-lavoir, The Hausmannian districts, so much I have to see on my next visit.


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