Wow! I have said a lot here. This one is a must-read.

Hey, we are Sunday and I didn’t care. That’s means that now Sunday has become like any other day…beautiful thing isn’t it.

I did well. I produced, rested, then produced again, more than I expected. That technique is gold. I can be fresh, like my first 2 hours after wake up, anytime after I take a rest.

There is some work to be done on the rest though. It takes way too much for me to get asleep. Little tweaks need to be done, like making the Simpsons episode ready to be played. Everything set and ready for me to go get asleep. Maybe beforehand, like when I just wake up I set the "system" for after when I suddenly decide to go get some rest.

That’s for one. Second, the Dada art movement is fascinating. It’s a whole new world from beyond the Rhine. The first World War that I hear relatively little to the second one. Also, discovering that the art and artists of that time are the alter-egos of the today’s war storytelling. Which basically, "yeah we went to fight,…they insulted us, and boy, I must admit, war is ugly, let’s not do that…umpf.." All we hear about is the FoxNews people of the first and second world war. Art is hearing, and mostly reading about the smart, wise, Jon Sewarts of that time.

As if there were not enough good signs, (or any more cars with the same color as mine). This Gary Hoover guy talking art galleries that are the exact opposite of the joy and excitement, and energy of the artists that have crafted the art they are exposing. An Art gallery is supposed to be like an artist studio, not a necropolis of art works, "that used to be extravagant at their time".

There a huge gap in the field I’m entering, and I know I can do something about it, If I keep progressing, working, and tweaking for optimal performance.

Also, as ideas never end from flowing these days.

Just before recording my idea here, I used to think that "almost every idea has been done already" and that "every field has been attacked by young, jumpy entrepreneurs like me". But now it’s the opposite. I start to see a lot of "gaps" and unfulfilled wants and needs, that I can contribute to. It’s a mindset, and mixergy helped a lot for that.

Now to my idea: There are a lot of kids like me, in my position of having financial comfortable parents, but are not always encouraged by them to go the path they have taken. I see a lot of entrepreneur parents, like mine, want their kids be a good job worker. Have a job in a cubicle, do the 9 to 5. I have no idea where that came from. They need me! It’s a market, and they have problems to solve.

I started to think about that and it’s probably because many of those successful entrepreneur parents don’t know how they succeeded in the first place. They are not really entrepneurs in the mindset, they were just struggling to make a living, they couldn’t remain employable, and they ended up, by accident, as entrepreneurs, they worked hard and struggled byut eventually came out winners, because of the law of time.

Yes the law of time. It basically says that as long you keep at it, you’ll eventually stop repeating your mistakes and succeed. Sometimes the most successful entreprenurs, and companies are the ones that remained in business, and survived the autumns and winters year after year. Where everybody else gave up, they just stood there and won the game of standing up, instead of the game of walking forward.

Ok got to go to sleep, let’s not watch Late shows, i don;t feel that rested and good after. Let’s do the podcasts, France Culture instead, and keep my my mind fresh. TV late shows are laziest form of entertainment, I can entertain myself better and smarter, for my own good.

Oh and that reading technique of gathering information in 15 min, and that cover to cover book reading is stupid and it’s for others more than it’s for you. Brilliant.


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