Progress! I’m keeping at it

I definitely got closer to the mountain today. This journal should be a piece of encouragement that will contrast with the habit of being too hard on myself.

I just bled on my finger nail, now I’m thinking I should try ancient bleeding for removing toxins and regenerate blood. Think about it.

The setting of my new wood room is good, just that humidity is a battle that I seek to win. We’ll see if we will survive that tomorrow otherwise, I;ll return to the big room for work, and keep my sleeping in the wood room.

The topic of my research is still attractive to me. I’m learning about expressionism, a whole new world for me. The B side of the French art vinyl.

I took the rest midday, after a nice warm shower, it had the expected effect: a long uninterrupted burst of energy. I did my walking thereafter, and felt "full" and pleased with my day.

I don’t know but I might take a break day tomorrow, only regarding food. Call it cheat day. It will also a proof that nutrition is essential for the good management, and stream of energy for a nice producing day.

Other than that The upper-back pain makes me feel more curious about it. I need to know if my posture is fine or I something need to be done about it.

Hey! Let’s not forget, and eventually end with a positive note, it was an effective day. I scored. I don’t know about the scrum points but I’m doing the shit. So great job, good work and you deserve your chocolate tomorrow.

Oh and the France Culture podcast, while a refreshing mental exercise. it reminds me of the good days sitting on Brighton beach, hearing about Zarathustra for the first time.


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