The Art universe I am entering. It’s exciting. It’s what I want

Achievement completed. Wrote the Cubism article with pictures database. Just need it be proofread.

I feel confident about my project. There will be shitty days about it, they must be. It’s a good sign.

My SEO understanding is going through the roof. It will be tested when on implementation.

Regarding the art project. I’m still enjoying it. I’m understanding abstract art, George Braques and Marcel Duchamp. Moreover, while reading Quora Fine Art section, I understand that there is a scarcity of how-to resources. One for sure, according to a lady in the art business for long time, How to start an art gallery. It’s fascinating to me. That’s my dream. Curating art and selling it in a tropical area. It includes my marketing penchants, travel, exploring new art, helping people in starting their own businesses.

Like the guy that had a spa, and became specialized in helping other people start their own spa.

Indeed the midday rest gives more energy on the second half of the day. I just had one day today. not two.

But I used the end of the day walking up the mountain, It felt nice. Listening to that backlinko guy. He is indeed a great help. He is building his brand marvelously.

The indian girl talking about how she made herself become productive 10 hours a day on Quora was interesting too. She had a schedule pretty similar to mine right now. I’ve been on that schedule for a month now and the effects are the same.. I’m on the right path.

I just founhd out that between 2013 and 2014 I read "How does one become an art dealer" on Quora. Interesting huh?

Found that indian talking about her daily timing. Lunch and nap is something I might start to use. Anyway time to sleep. I should finish this daily journal and do my abs much earlier


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