don’t plan excruciatingly far ahead, only 1 to 2 days ahead

The day was maintained. As usual, I’m happily getting into the process of owning it.

I’m felt a slight monotony yesterday, but today, while reading and gathering more How-to’s I feel ecstatic again.

When I’m learning and doing at the same time it’s very exciting. Better than bulking a large amount of To-do’s and taking 3-4 days to complete them. I better make a to-do list for the next 2 days maximum.

Because there is great probability that my approach will differ. I will have a different take on how to do things more effectively. So planning far ahead, like for the next 4 days, exactly how I’m going to achieve a specific to-do list is not very accurate and not effective.

Now my approach is to go back to writing the art movement timeline. Having written about impressionism and post-impressionism long content-rich articles, I will select the tiny nugget and make it into bits that can be digested into a long art timeline article. The work will be more web-directed, with takeaways and graphic and so on…

I’m more excited about that. The work that have done in the first two big articles serves me well though. It’s because I have scraped large amount of information that I know what can be written about, sort of. Like the movement, the people that represented that movement, the paintings, and the lives of each artist, more in-depth.

These are the only bits of information that I believe someone would want to know about. So I know how to deal with Cubism as soon as I carve my 2 first articles and go fish exactly what I need.

The 1.5 hour walk i really great. Walking by the king’s palace was quiet and refreshing. I should go there more often. Going through quiet track in Tangier is better for my walking medicine.

I had a midday rest today too. I felt good about it. I think I’m starting to get the habit of it. And it seems to nourish my mind really well.

So let’s keep up with the great practice. We’re on the right direction, so let’s keep on walking.


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