Objective achieved. On the right direction. I keep on walking

I have completed 15 scrum points. That includes proofreading and collecting images.

I can understand now why I have no energy in reading about hosting and wordpress and plugins and all the bozo.

Progress is certainly here. Reading the original articles and sources that put me into this in the first place makes me feel good, and reminds me how I should be my project now.

The energy has been managed somehow. The resting attempted by midday wwas benefecial, although it took a big chunk of time. I don’t know what is the optimum resting amount and how it can improved for a better "2 days instead of 1" scheme.

Probably an early rise could get me a nice rest by 1pm then on to the next "day". With this technique, today, I have put 7 effective hours of work. Not bad.

The need to go for a walk is here though. I feel better listening to the podcasts while walking. There should be a way to incorporate walking, podcast and then afterwards resting. Or the opposite: Eating, resting, and walking/podcasting. We’ll experiment with that.

All good. Some humor watching will be much appreciated.


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