“How do people make a living through internet?”

We are the 24th of November. I just wrote the 2nd Main Article about Impressionism,

Regarding the text it looked fine to me. But after watching that documentary about the impressionist I figured I forgot many of the important paintings. The Thames paintings of Monet, the Grenouillere of Monet and Renoir. The Woman with a green dress of Monet. The Odelisque of Manet. There is apparently a a better better beach painting with fishing boats of Monet. Basillle has admirable colorful paintings too.

Apart from that I’m quite happy with my scrum speed. 13 points today, The rest I took by midday after a mixergy podcast was amazing. I felt full of energy. Like having a second day instead of one.

Imagine you produce the outcome of 2 days in just one. That’s a good lead to pursue.

The early start writing exercise was also an eye opener. I must admit that after my family and the amusement that was prevalent during their stay, I wondered why I stayed here. Alone. instead of leaving with them and keep up the good times.

I then understood that there was something bigger that dragged me here. Something bigger than me. And it all converged to answering a question my brother asked a day before: "How do people make money through internet?"

I felt that it was my task here. To answer that question, but not with with theory, with practicality instead. I must show my brother how someone can make money from the internet.

I know it still sounds strange in my time and place here. If your life goals to make a living out of the internet, then you don;t have a proper job. You a re regarded as weird. Like an artists, a ballet dance, a singer. It doesn’t fit what the "society" think of as honorable.

But you know how much you care now about all of that. They have no idea. They’re confined in what higher dogmas institute on them. Just forget it and do what you believe is good.


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