Do work your future self will be proud of, and even learn from

It’s about finding your rhythm. I think that today I found one.

It takes usually 2 – 3 days to find one. I know how to buld that content know. At least I’m better at it.

Coffee is a great boost. But be sure you’d be feeling empty. Your brain just dumbs down when the effect of caffeine goes. That’s the principle of drugs. So at least you know.

I’m pretty proud of my work today. I mean, content-wise. I learned that the person I should have in mind should be myself. More than anything.

Yes marketers picture a Debbie or a Brian so they can build products to them. Yes sure.. if I’m building something I will not be using myself. Meaning building things that don’t scratch my own itch, which in the long-term is not something to be aspiring to.

But I should be creating work that I would be proud reading about, myself. Even learning from in the future. Like a memo. Like a summary of my learning so far.

So that helped a lot. And look if the only win from this whole project is understanding that concept, then I’m glad I did so far. Everything else becomes bonus.


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