You’re not missing out when you cut the unnecessary from your days

I feel I’m slow. I’m not sure if what I’m producing a day is enough.

My only belief that keeps me confident is I know that once I get the gist of it, and establish a rythm, in the reading and writing, as I used during my university years, my spped will increase exponentially..20x faster.

So nothing crazy to worry about.

I felt good playing that fucking riffs. I learned something today, with regards to strumming funky rhythms.

My early morning rise, and production straight after feels good I have this 1st hour that is golden. It’s a window where I’m at it. Really. I got Lautrec done by the 1st hour. Gauguin took me the next 3 to 4.

Nothing more than that today. It’s good news. That means that I have cut the unnecessary and do the strict minimum to achieve the goal.

That feeling of missing out I think is the biggest hurdle to overcome. I should understand that I’m not missing out. I doing myself a favour and get myself closer to my objectives that way.

What stoping from becoming who I want and reach my goals, is that I want to do many things all at once.

Step by step


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